Aug 2, 2012

Boost performance for your Flex Mobile apps

  1. Use assets swf instead of swc to have faster startup time.
  2. Always use splash screens.
  3. Use Tweener for animations instead of the one built into flex.
  4. For View based mobile applications, create your own implementation of ViewNavigator than the built in one, as it is slow and heavy.
  5. Create your own View Manager than relying on built in ViewNavigator as it doesn't cleanup memory properly which is utmost necessary for your poor mobile app.

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  1. Hello :)

    what do you mean by "Use assets swf instead swc" ? assets is sounds and images ? no ?

    1. Thats correct. What i mean when I say "Use assets swf instead swc" is that SWC is compiled with the app so your final mobile app build would be bulkier if you keep all your assets in SWC file. However if you keep your assets in a SWF file, you can load that at runtime (whenever and/or if required). This way your mobile app build would be lighter (thus less data transferred during installation on mobile device) and load time could also be quicker.
      Hope I cleared your query.


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