May 8, 2007

Installing Red5 on SUSE Linux

The following are steps used to get Red5 running on SUSE Linux 10.0.

You would need the following files:

  1. JDK 1.5
  2. Apache Ant
  3. Red5

Before beginning this make sure you are running these commands as root.
  1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the jdk 1.5 from
    • For this tutorial just download the .bin file. Change the permissions of the bin file
      chmod 755 jdk-1_5_0

      and then execute it.


      Once it’s done you just copy the contents of the folder it made and put them in /usr/java/jdk1.5.0

    • Then set your JAVA_HOME variable. It may have to be set two different ways. First way:

      and the second way.

      export JAVA_HOME=’/usr/java/jdk1.5.0′
  2. Install apache-ant. Install the binary for it.
    • Download and unzip the file. Then copy the contents to a directory, something like /usr/ant. Then set your ANT_HOME variable. If it doesn’t work then don’t worry about it. We will not be using that pointer in this tutorial.
  3. Once java and ant are all set up you simply pull the latest trunk for red5 to your box.
    • svn co red5-trunk

      That will create a folder in your current directory called red5-trunk. Then you will want to copy the contents of that folder to /opt/red5 like so

      cp -R red5-trunk /opt/red5
  4. Navigate to the /opt/red5 directory and run

    That will build the project on your machine.

  5. Finally run the file. You can do this by either running
    sh &


    ./ &

    This will start the red5 service.

  6. Run
    netstat -ant

    and verify the correct ports are being bound to. You may need to edit the file in the /opt/red5/conf directory if you can’t connect to your server from an external location. Try to connect to the server before you modify the properties file because you may be able to connect to it with no problems.

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