Dec 20, 2012

Checklist: Few things when looking for new job

Here is some checklist which you can use while looking for a new job. Things given here are not in order for now. I will try to sort them later, according to my preferences. You might choose a different order set.
  1. Career Path
  2. Appraisal period & criteria
  3. Medical & Other (Residence, Fuel, Phone, etc) Benefits
  4. Work-Life Balance
  5. Job content
  6. Paycheck - Fixed, Variable, Bonuses, Yearly Hikes, perks
  7. Job Security
  8. Job Location
  9. Leaves & Weekly Offs
  10. Trainings (Soft skills, Core/Tech skills)
  11. Designation & Role
  12. Company/Team expansion plans
  13. Probation period
  14. Opportunities for travelling abroad
  15. Office Timings (Flexible, Fixed, Shift basis)

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