Sep 28, 2011

The weird "Server Busy" dialog box

Today, for the first time, I observed the infamous weird "Server Busy" dialog box which asks you to either Switch to the process which is pending (but you will never know which is that process) or Retry. The calamity is that none of these options removes this dialog box and you cannot resume back to your work.

This dialog box usually appears when you try to import something in Flash CS5 or Dreamweaver CS5.


  • Lack of system resources, generally memory. Suggested here. (However in my case, I still had more than 2 gigs of RAM free.
  • Adware/Malware. Suggested here.
  • Some startup utilities. Suggested here.


  • Switch to the busy program and finish it by either opening and closing that program or killing it using Task Manager. Suggested here. [Didn't work for me]
  • A newly installed program which is not installed properly. [Didn't work for me]
  • Running Anti Virus or Adware-Malware removal software. [Didn't work for me]
  • Kill the pending task using Task Manager. Suggested here. [Didn't work for me]
  • Rebooting. Suggested here. [Didn't work for me]
  • Windows Update. Suggested here. [Didn't work for me]
  • Clean up disk. Suggested here. [Voila. It worked!]. The reason for me seemed to be growing Temporary Internet Files.

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