Feb 7, 2009

Modern Video Player (v 0.8)

                                  Class Diagram
This is currently a basic video player, however I am gonna make it more fantastic and more useful.
Please contact me or post a comment for any suggestion/bug.

This version contains:
  1. Play-Pause
  2. Stop
  3. Mute-Full volume
  4. Progress bar flag moves as video plays
  5. Load bar behind progress bar
  6. Pause button in center of video
  7. Progress scrubber
  8. Video time text
  9. Complete revamp of architecture (I will post the architecture in some time). It is kind of a smart mix of MVP,  MVC, Command, Observer and Singleton.
  10. Better buffering
  11. Full screen
  12. Skinable
  13. Some Bugs removal
Next Versions will contain:
  1. Softer Full screen
  2. Custom context menu
  3. Volume scrubber
  4. Clickable Progress bar to scrub
  5. Much better buffering
  6. Scalable to required width-height
  7. Completely Skinable
  8. Playlist with Previous-Next
  9. Audio-video dual mode
  10. Error-Response to user
  11. 3D view
  12. HD version
  13. Replay
  14. Tracking
  15. Bugs removal
  16. Tooltip for buttons
  17. 16x9 ratio video display

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