Jun 6, 2008

Flash Player 10

Flash Player 10 is making 3D graphics & animations a Developers' cup of tea :)
This version of Flash Player is targeting High end 3D animations, Dynamic Streaming, New Text Engine, and pretty cool new Pixel Bender effect.
Some very short descriptions:
New Text Capabilities:
  1. A Device font can be anti-aliased, styled and work with it like you work with an embedded font.
  2. Right to left support
  3. Vertical Layout.
  4. Support for Columnization.
New 3D Capabilities:
  1. Z-direction access (obj.x, obj.y, obj.z).
  2. Z-Direction rotation (obj.rotationX, obj.rotation.Y, obj.rotationZ)
New Drawing API capabilities:
  1. Ease of creating 3D polygons (instead of writing lineTo(); lineTo(); lineTo(); lineTo(); lineTo(); ... and so on)
  2. Access to low level GPU to make use of hardware graphics rendering capabilities. (though they are not targeting to overtake PV3D, etc.)
And most excitingly, you can now load & create local files.
... And there are lot more stuffs.
You must view all of these demos
Excitingly enough, Flash Player 10 beta version is out and also it is supported by a command line compiler. You can download these both from adobe's site and start playing with 3D.
Download Flash Player 10 beta from here.
Download its command line compiler from here.
Learn how to create applications for Flash player 10 from here, here and here.

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